joi, 25 martie 2010


It is said that Death is the only certainty in Life... which, in a strange way, seems rather comforting... At least there's something certain in our lives... and something that connects us all, every living creature on this Earth. The destination is the same for everyone, although the paths differ. But is it really Death a synonym for The End? I truly believe it's just a crossover... just like the "death" of the caterpillar is a crossover to the "birth" of a butterfly

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8 comentarii:

  1. Fotografia nu este făcută în Muntenia, din cauză că aici crucile din lemn nu-s sculptate.
    Sunt frumoase culorile cerului...

  2. The photo is beautiful!

    As a Christian I believe in life after death, and I think in a new life full of joy and peace to which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. And this is for everyone who believes.

    Un abrazo, Joe

  3. Indeed, some say that... In fact almost all of us believe the same... that thinking about death is the greatest proof of realism...
    There are a lot of other certainties in our life... unlimited, unconditional...
    Beautiful sunset!!!

  4. frumoase contraste, imi place mult :)

  5. ei, cu asta ma oftici...imi place mult de tot ca nu-s aliniate crucile, nici macar nu-s drepte...oricum este printre preferatele mele din tot ce ai facut.imi place enorm

  6. Superba,deosebita,foarte bine lucrat,bravo Lav.